Crazy people who have never felt pain

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Maybe we have thought, how come crazy people never get sick? Plus crazy people who roam the roadside, they never take a shower, eat and drink carelessly, there are also those who don’t wear clothes, don’t care about dirty things but they are still healthy.

To answer this question is easy, the answer is because crazy people never stress, they never have the burden of mind and always feel happy.

That’s why crazy people never get sick because life is always happy and never cares about the things around it that makes their bodies much healthier than a sane person.

Crazy people never think things, crazy people never ask for various kinds of food even stale rice in the trash can he will eat. Crazy people, he said he was hungry and did not care about stale rice or dirty rice, which was important he was full and could walk again.

Unlike a sane person, a sane person who sees stale rice is just disgusted, sometimes even very picky with his food menu, there is a slight problem immediately becomes a burden on the mind. This is what makes sane people often feel stress that can make themselves sick.

A crazy person will never feel inadequate, never complains, even he always accepts whatever God gives. Never demanding things, even when he felt unwell he never complained, he was always happy to accept the pain by doing things that he thought were fun.

Such conditions are very different from a sane person. People who are still sane often feel deprived, already have millions of income still always feel lacking, already have a motorbike still want to have a car, already have a delicious food menu still want more delicious food.

For that, from now on try to live more gratefully bring life more relaxed but accompanied by effort. With a happy mind without the burden will keep your body healthy and far from the word sick.

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